TASSY Ltd. was founded in 1991. The headquarters and production facilities of the company are located in the town of Dolni Dabnik.

The main scope of activity of "TASSY" Ltd. is the complete engineering in the construction of gas facilities and installations.

This includes activities in the field of pre-feasibility study, design, supply of equipment and materials, construction, commissioning and servicing of linear, energy and industrial sites; petroleum products processing facilities; sites for natural gas preparation; cogenerations; compressor stations; automotive gas stations and others.

The company has built a significant number of industrial, public administrative and residential sites, as well as over 170 000 m of distribution and transmission gas pipelines.

TASSY Ltd. also offers consulting services related to environmental protection procedures and elaboration of detailed site development plans.

The company is registered in the Central Professional Register of the Builder with protocol №0167 / 08.10.2009.

"TASSY" Ltd. is a member of the Bulgarian Natural Gas Association and Local Authority of the Bulgarian Industrial Association on the territory of Dolni Dabnik Municipality.


More detailed information about the company's activities can be found in the presentation here.

Our mission is to meet the needs of our customers through high-quality products and services consistent with state-of-the-art practices in the gas sector, while contributing to a sustainable and environmentally friendly future.

 The priority objectives that guarantee high results from our daily work are:

  • Protection of the environment and safe working conditions
  • Continuous improvement and development of the specialists of "Tassy" Ltd.
  • Implementation of best practices in the gas industry, taking into account the constant development of technology and know-how in the field
  • Use of high quality materials and products in realized projects
  • Correct and professional relationship with our partners and customers
  • Social engagement


At present, the structure of "TASSY" Ltd. includes the following production units:


  • design department, working with state-of-the-art software products for the selection of equipment, calculation of distribution and transmission networks and development of design documentation;
  • a machine installation unit, which employs specialists with extensive experience in the construction of gas installations and with the use of the most advanced technologies for welding and control;
  • Electrical installation unit, commissioning and adjustment of combustion processes. Settings are performed with DRAGER and MRU flue gas analyzers;
  • metalworking division, equipped with a full range of metal cutting machines;
  • a test combustion laboratory equipped , with a test bench for measuring and controlling the parameters of the combustion process;
  • measuring instrument testing laboratory;
  • Sales Department;

"TASSY" Ltd. designs and manufactures equipment for installations using compressed natural gas (CNG).

Decompressing and regulating stations (DRS) manufactured by us are products whose function is to lower the pressure of natural gas supplied by batteries or trailer to the consumer of 200 bar to 4 bar and subsequently to the required working pressure. They are also equipped with equipment for measuring the amount of gas consumed.

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We also offer batteries for transportation and storage of compressed natural gas, produced by us, according to a size and type of the customer.

  • steel
  • composite
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